Friday, May 6, 2011

History of Aircraft Flight
  1. The Wright brothers flew the first aircraft successfully on 17 Dec 1903.
  2. Aeroplanes were built by various countries (USA, Russia, UK, France, German) but these were state aircrafts.
  3. As aeronautics improved, various countries started to build civil aircrafts.
  4. These aircrafts flew within their country and was governed by the law of the respective country
  5. On 25 August 1919, the first commercial aircraft took off from London to Paris, and this started the First International Aviation Flight.
  6. As civil aviation progressed, more countries started international flights, as this caused air congestion, and air accident.
  7. To resolve air congestion and air accident, the Chicago convention was formed to standardise Civil Aviation for civil aircraft flying on International routes.

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