Friday, May 6, 2011

What is Air Legislation?

-Air legislation are air laws governing Air Navigation, Air Transport, and Maintenance of Civil Aircraft  and its equipments, to minimum acceptable Air worthiness standard as defined in the law of the country or land.
-Air law is the same to 85% of all countries, operating civil aircraft. 15% laws governs the operation of civil   aircraft of individual countries.
-Air laws consist of numerous regulations and requirements.

The differences between Regulations and Requirements

-Regulations are air laws which as applicable to civil aircraft.
-Regulations are approved by the Parliament of the country and becomes the law.
-If a regulation is not followed, then the penalty is the case treated in a civil court for conviction.
-Words such as SHALL and MUST  are used in regulations.

-These are standards used in civil aircraft.
-Requirements are not approved by parliament.
­-Therefore if it is not followed, it is treated as non compliance.
-Words such as MAY, IF, AS, NECESSARY  is used in requirements.

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