Friday, May 6, 2011

What is a Civil and State aircraft?

1.Civil category:

Transport category aircraft
-          Passenger aircraft - these aircrafts carries paid passengers and their personal baggages.
-          Cargo aircraft        ­ - the aircrafts are only used for carrying paid cargo.

Aerial category aircraft
-          These aircraft SHALL not carry any passengers or cargo.
-          These aircraft is to be used for the following purpose:
·         Crop spraying (Agriculture)
·         Search and rescue
·         Fire fighting
·         Aerial photography
·         Cloud seeding
·         Para trooping or static drop or free fall
·         Constructions
·         Surveying
·         Observation and patrol
·         Aerial advertisement

Private category aircraft
-          Aircrafts used by individual people or a group of people for own use or pleasure.

Special category aircraft
-          These aircrafts are used for demonstration flights, with the view of sale
-          Aircraft being used for charter flights are also classified under this
-          Aircraft flying for maintenance repair or modification
-          Aircraft on flight test

2.State category:
-          State aircrafts are government owned aircrafts and are used in
·         Military
·         Police
·         Customs
-          The aircrafts do not come under DCA Malaysia but it has the respective Ministry of Defense or Ministry of Home Affairs.                                           

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